Cosmic Carnival newJPG green

IMG_5587 Kosmic Kowboy IMG_5591 Rumpel IMG_5594 Karmic Astro Laurence IMG_5604 Martin IMG_5609 Chamuel Stephanie IMG_5636 with Rumpel IMG_5638 Rumpel scene Maha dancers


This documents the Cosmic Carnival event which was a collaboration of beautiful spirits to empower and enlighten the community with presentations of cosmic admiration.

With appearances by astrologers, metaphysical ministers, musicians, poets, artists, philosophers, and comedians!!!! to name a few:
Paula Matusa
Laurence Johnson, Chamuel Bachiller, Martine Espino, Jolly Goodfellow, Nathan Douglas, Slushbox

Cultural Alliance of Long Beach Shoreline Village Location
423 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA
December 2014

Sending waves of reverent vibrations during this magical and transformative season.


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