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“Let’s Burst Out” Garden Concert on Saturday, May 20, 2017, 7:30pm


“Come Alive” new live album is here!


This has been a wonderful process of discovery, dynamics, determination, destruction, and divine destiny.  We feel that the heart of our matter has been revealed.

Slushbox offers their passion and fire with a new live EP entitled, “Come Alive”.    Recorded on a boardwalk in their home base of Long Beach, California, this provocative performance is a daring journey that together, we can do it.  “Green Means Go” is an anthem of moving forward in life, and “Wetsuit” is a song of diving into a new world.   Illuminated vocals pierce the most tough-shelled into pondering new possibilities.  Their cover version of The Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun” is gripping with declarations that raise consciousness, confirming the power of being in the moment, raw, and alive.  Special guest tenor saxophonist Daniel Mancuso, brandishes uplifting melodic embellishments on tracks 1, 3 and 5.  With a mission to inspire the masses to tap in to their potential, this gripping, live performance will positively move you.

Click below to hear the song “Dry Spots” from the “Come Alive” album.


Acoustic Release:  “Green and Blue”

This is a preview from an upcoming acoustic collection from the band Slushbox, based in Long Beach, CA.
Lyrically, the song is a lament, of being aware of the Earth’s place among seemingly irreverent happenings, and wanting to reach out to those who are perpetrating the injustices.

“I’m green, and I feel blue,
Earthly awareness affecting me and you.
All the colors of our lives, threatened loss from poison drives.
I’m green and I feel blue.” by Giarratano-Wheeler

The song is a Sharing Magic Now production, performed by Sharon Giarratano, Mark Wheeler, and Terry Frost.

Please spread the word about our endeavors. Much Thriving Gratitude.
This song is recorded and mixed on Mixcraft 7 by Acoustica.






Slushbox is an exciting and formidable alternative musical force who together with audiences, embark on journeys, delightfully breaking out of their own boxes, nurturing collective empowerment euphoria.  Performances embody speechifying self-empowerment messages, making Slushbox an enlightening, inspirational punky rock band. 

theatre flier excerpt

[Playbill from the original Slushbox theatre debut entitled “Find Your Own Steeple”, featuring music, dance, shamanic blessings, acrobatics, and opera singing; weaving a journey of exaltation to lift the spirits of the community.  The 12-person cast includes keyboardist Matt Cohn of Berlin, artist Patricia Bonilla and Johanna Hernandez of RAW, Richard Alan Harvey of “20Poems 20Paintings – A Creative Warrior’s Journal”, violinist Ona Green of Jacob’s Chimes; plus opera singers Annie Gholson and Cody Lowry, and more.]

Referred to as “quirk-a-delic” and “eco-sonic”, this empowerment rock band flaunts their brand color, green, while delivering a grand green-schemed gush of messages and points of view to inspire human potential and celebrate natural phenomenons. 


Slushbox sounds include the textures and mystique of Led Zeppelin, the whimsical outbursts of The B-52s, and the raw audacity of Sonic Youth.  Just imagine if these 3 bands got together on a walking tour through wilderness and farmers markets, they would sometimes get their boots very dirty or be barefoot, and other times in their glam best, enjoy the healthy bites of vitality from the fresh produce.  Slushbox is always a delightful package to receive, with living energy seeping out, and their passion gets all over everything.

STAY TUNED for the release of “Comes Alive” in Summer 2016.


Slushbox band photo by Johanna Hernandez

Slushbox has delivered  performances at the National Association of Music Merchants, (NAMM) convention in 2012, for Acoustica, and has a demo song “Cauliflower” included in the award-winning recording software program Mixcraft 6, by Acoustica.                  

Slushbox is a two-time winner of the “Spectator Appeal Award” in the huge Southern California Belmont Shore Christmas Parade (2010 and 2011).


Da Vinci Vitruvian Merkaba




dagga goo CD COVER

This is the album that started it all for Slushbox, “Dagga Goo”.
Their signature green color and their upbeat, quirky-pop sound is in its full regalia.

Slushbox is the “discover us, discover yourself” super-sonic rock band, known for being fresh, eclectic, and kinetic.

“Dagga Goo” is the first full-length CD, released by Slushbox with mixing and synthesizer additions on the title track by Mike Bacich, of Oingo Boingo fame. The songs have a sense of fun and artistry often compared to The B-52s, but with a 21st century freshness! The jury is still out as to whether the title is a noun or a verb.

This album delivers original and very catchy phrases to sing in the shower; while encouraging healthy lifestyles.
Songs like: “Tom Ate a ‘Tomato’” and “Don’t Take Your ‘Pomegranate’ for Granted” offer nutrient rich, good-green-fun suggestions, and pulsate with solid rock intensity, and flamboyant spectacle. These songs are balanced with more serious subjects like the imagery in “Rust” about the over-consumption perils in modern times, “Cargo is blocking our horizon, thrift store shelves are overstocked” an editorial on how literally their home base Long Beach, California is plagued by ocean freight ships. And “Messages” offers some consolation on the subject of air pollution and chem trails, singing “Daybreaks and sunsets invite another view”.

And, about the mysterious “Track 11”
A sociological soundscape journey featuring sounds of Long Beach, California.
“Track 11” is literally the eleventh track on the CD “Dagga Goo”, by Long Beach band, Slushbox.
During production of the CD, the band’s desire to add something unconventional to the package inspired their epic “Track 11”. They repurposed the first 10 songs into a soundscape collage, as a reprise to the album. First, each song was remixed to exclude the lead vocal, then fragments were selected and purposefully muddied. These selections were melded together to create a pallet upon which to display collected sounds. The resulting sonic journey includes sounds unique to the Long Beach experience, ala early 21st century consciousness.

“Dagga Goo” the full-length album is available at:





 Slushbox   ~discover us, discover yourself~


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  1. Hi Sharon! So nice to be connected again. If you ever have need of an opera/rock/bluegrass/folk/pretty much anything singer up for anything, contact me! Green happens to be my favorite color! Cheers.


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